Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The bedroom... A very special room, a room that tells you a lot about a person.
Big bed, small bed, messy, clean, full of light, books all around, girl stuff, pastel colors on the walls.

I love the bedrooms that are clean, big open spaces, colors on the wall, photos that makes us smile.
I love a big bed with a lot of pillows.

The bedrooms that I present to you today, inspired me. I would love a bedroom like that, and I'm on my way there. We have a really big bedroom, white, it just needs some color on the walls, some photos, two more pillows and I'm there. :D

Hope you like the bedrooms bellow.


  1. Lol, nice Dora.

    How people can make interior decorating look so easy, I'll never know. I have a hard time trying to pick what type of sheets and comforters I want. Lol.

    these are really nice.

  2. Yes I know. When I saw this bedroom I was really really impressed. Everything look nice, colorful, alive even.
    One day... :)


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