Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After love illustrated I got inspired and because I saw that you liked the post about office space at home, I created an illustration for office supplies.
I tried to keep the color pallet really small, some combinations that includes yellow and green.

I really love to make illustrations. Think I have an eye for all sorts of combinations. Colors, vectors.
What you think?


  1. Seriously, you should make these stickers and sell them!! Lol. I would so buy them. And you know, I like the minimum use of color. I find it annoying when people whether it's interior design, graphic design or anything of that nature try and use so many colors and different shades of those colors. I believe sometimes "less is more" And you definitely nailed it with this set. I'm looking forward to more illustrations.

  2. Thank you so so much. I know, but I have no money for this right now and no time. But when and if ever I will make them stickers I will send you a link and get it. Promise.
    And I believe in " less is more" .

  3. You're welcome. And I would wait for these! Lol. They are just really well done and awesome.

  4. With the "HELLO THERE!" to catch a viewer's eye, the rest of this wonderful illustration should be seen in every worker's home or office. The colors used are great, and each item is perfectly rendered. Some made me laugh (the clock at three o'clock, often the most difficult time to wait until office hours are over) and even a little vase with a simple flower in it. Tape, phones, mugs and.. Wow! ..a "Crazy Eight Ball".. (or the eight ball from a game of pool) and more. You do a very fine job with minimalism art, Tereza Anton.

  5. I posted one comment already but am not sure if it is really posted, so begin again. You pull viewers into this wonderful illustration with the words HELLO THERE! and keep them looking at all the quirky things found in many offices in many places. The colors you chose to use are minimal, which suits this perfectly. I love the clock set to three o'clock (when many office workers begin to watch it closely) and the vase with a single flower; tape, scissors, all the office items ...PLUS... I mean, there's an eight ball too... is from a game of pool? to represent feeling "behind the eight ball" in an office? I really like this piece a lot and hope sometime it's available in more places than your blog. You do very fine minimalist pieces that warrant a lot of admiration. Good work, artist.

  6. Thank you so much for this. You are really nice. And, yes, it's a "Crazy Eight Ball" good catch.


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