Monday, November 29, 2010


I love shoes, you love shoes, we all love shoes. Even guys love shoes, even if they don't admit it all the time.
The shoes that I feature today are so sexy, but so so hard to walk on. I have shoes like these, sexy, awesome, but impossible to wear. That doesn't matter. If these's no pain there's no gain.
We all wanna look good, sexy, and we all want the B***T next to us to get all red when she sees who amazing we are.
Boys like it, girls like it, we all love it. :D


  1. Love your shoe post! My most recent post is dedicated to shoes as well! Check in out if your interested!

  2. Those are some pretty rocking heels. I'm 6 feet and I'd love to wear a couple pair out on the town. Lol.

  3. I'm tall like you but I love high heels :)

  4. love the black and white wedges!

  5. Oh , those creamy louboutins just make me dream.

  6. Wow Tereza, these are so hardcore! Thank You for your lovely comment) I decided to check out some of your first posts, and I`m glad I found this one. I too have one of my first posts all about shoes (I believe it`s even one of my most popular posts of all time on my blog).



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