Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In my country on the 6th of december we have a really cool holiday {well not the holiday is cool but what we do on that day}. The holiday is dedicated to Saint Nicolas. On the eve of this day kids clean their favorite pair of shoes and put them next to the door and wait for Santa Nicolas to bring them gifts. Santa Nicolas is is not as big as Santa Klaus, but us get presents; usually kids get sweets and fruits. Me, because I'm not a kid I got something really cool. A bag from KOTON that looks 95% as the D&G winter bag {my Santa was my BF}. The only difference is that my bag has only one compartment. I LOVE MY NEW BAG and I want to tell my Santa: Thank you so so much! You are the best!
What you see down below is the D&G winter bag, because photos of the bag that I have I didn't found. So, what you think? You like? Because I really do. 


  1. Great bag, absolutely beautiful and stylish!

  2. love all the zippers!
    maria ana

    i'm following!

  3. My bag has only one, but it's a pretty one :)
    Thank you for the follow.


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