Friday, December 24, 2010


Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS. I'm really happy, I love the winter holidays. I really do, even if sometimes I say I don't, in most of the times it's not very/ really true :D. 
I'm tired, because last night I was on the road and this morning I arrived at my parents house. It smells so nice, of cooked food, of cookies, the smell of the Christmas tree is so nice. Theres no snow and that makes me pretty sad, I love snow, it's really magic if there's snow. I hope for some, how knows. So because it's the day before Christmas I will present you some decorations for this occasion that may inspire you. 
I leave you for now with this beautiful images and I'm going back to the living room to finish the Christmas tree with my father and I'm going to wait for Santa.
Please give feedback. Thank you.

I hope you will all get want you wanted, I wish you are all happy and at peace. 


  1. Beautiful decorations!! Happy Christmas!! I wish you all the lucky in the world...lots of shine***** Filipa

  2. Thank you so much Filipa.
    I wish you a peaceful and beautiful Christmas. :*

  3. Of the three I would have to say, the second one is my favorite.


  4. I love the fact that in that image we have a touch of red. Looks really good.

  5. I love all the little trees on the mantle! they are so festive and wintry!!


Thank you so much, you know I appreciate every message.