Thursday, December 9, 2010


You know you want them, you know you love them and you know you can't live without them.
I know it's winter and it's freezing cold outside, but I still would love to wear them (every single day if I could, and I do that sometimes, I take a pear with me at work and change, you should do that too).
Right now I have 6 pears of flats.
I just simply love them; colorful, with patterns, one color, 3 colors, black, white. They are so easy to combine, when you have to walk all day it's just perfect. What more can you want from life? :) I think that flats are really elegant and that if you know how to make them to work for you, you can make a really nice impression.
You can find below a few models that I really love and want. :) Hope you like them too.


  1. I love flats. They're so comfortable, and when worn right, so stylish :)

  2. Flats are the best thing from fashion history to make a comeback. I always feel if I wanted to dress up, heels were mandatory. But not anymore, flats are the FIRST thing I buy when spring breaks out. Lol.

  3. Flats, flats forever flats :)
    It's stylish and the best comeback. As you both said.

  4. I don't own a single pair of flats. What is wrong with me? I like them and see cute ones all the time but I am vertically challenged and addicted to stilettos!!
    I am following you now - I enjoy your posts!

  5. That's nice that you can wear stilettos. I have stilettos but I wear them to little.

  6. They're beautiful, I want to buy some... :)

  7. Me too. You can never have to many.


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