Friday, December 17, 2010


Snow snow snow theres snow outside. I LOVE SNOW. Now,  let's get to more serious matter.
Considering that Christmas is coming soon I'm going to do something new: The Gift Bag. And if my boyfriend reads my blog {he says he does, then he will know what to get me for Christmas}.
The first Gift Bag was inspired by SEPHORA, it's not that I'm lazy but I had no idea from where to present you more stuff. But considering that's this is the first one I hope you wont mind. The next one {if there is going to be a new one} I will make it more diverse. Until then, these are the first tips as far as Christmas gifts for girls go. This one is dedicated to products. I love when I get products, I think every girl loves it.

1. Fresh  brown sugar body polish $65
2. Clarisonic set skin cleansing system $225
3. Givenchy eau de parfum $68 {this is what I want for Christmas}
4. SEPHORA by O.P.I. mini nail color set $48
5. SEPHORA COLLECTION nourishing hand cream $7
6. Guerlain lipstick $46
7. philosophy shampoo bubble bath and shower gel $16
8. T3 featherweight golden glow set $200
9. Harajuku Lovers Fragrance wicked style bag collection $99
10. SEPHORA COLLECTION tourmaline flat iron $68
11. SEPHORA COLLECTION prestige brush set $125 


  1. I love the sephora brush kit, i definitely need something like that hahha

    Great Post :)

    xo KCN

  2. Thank you.
    Well I hope there will be a Santa that will bring you the Sephora Brush kit.

  3. Great tips..I think I'll be the one buying myself the gifts this year..he he..I just wanted to know if you where interested in a link swap and 'following swaps"?I would like to place you on my frontpage under Hot Cake's a good spot:-)If you'll do the same? Just put a comment in once it's done and I'll do a speedy swap back..Have a Merry Christmas! xx Alice

  4. I have never tried the Clarisonic system before, but I have only heard great things...maybe I will ask Santa for it this year ;)


  5. Only good things, it's really good.


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