Monday, December 20, 2010


Before I talk to you about today's post, I want to tell you something. I'm a geek {a cool one, if I may say so myself, but still a geek}. This weekend I saw many movie, one of them was TRON. It was the best movie of the year, if we talk about 3D movies, in my opinion. OMG! If you like 3D movies you really have to see it. Ok, this is all I wanted to say before the post.

I'm are delighted to invite you to the launch of the new collection from Mr Jones Watches: The Master of Time. For this limited edition series of watches they have collaborated with five extraordinary individuals to create five unique designs.
Mr Jones worked closely with each collaborator to create a watch that reflects their individuality while maintaining their company ethos. Each of the collaborators had an interesting link to time - from the athlete's struggle against the clock, to the DJs skill at judging the space between beats.

I think that a watch like this would be a perfect gift for any man for any occasion. Even I like some models, I can tell you for sure that my BF {that's the way I'm going to call my boyfriend form now on, when and if :D I will ever talk about him} would love one of these watches. But considering that we live in Romania {for now}, no watch, yet. 


  1. These are hot watches - I would wear for sure (even though they're men' what! lol). Love the black ones!

    Anita Darl


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