Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So... I'm in a period that I have no inspiration what so ever. I'm really tired; it was a very long and hard year, I can't wait for the Christmas Holiday. It's like the 22nd is so far far away, I feel like it's never going to come.
This year happened so many things: I quit my job and after a while I got a new one, finished my Masters in Photography and Contemporary Art, moved in a new apartment {one that I L O V E so so much}, I had an art expo with my former colleagues {I was an amazing everything :D} , I started to write and collaborate with an Art Magazine form Romania, etc.

Even if I don't have any ideas for new artworks {only because I'm so tired}, I thought that I should do the design for a calendar, my first calendar.
I want to do a different illustration for every month, using different fonts, different colors, cute vectors, nice messages.

I hope you will like my new designs and I really wanna see some feedback from you all, I want to know what you think about my work. You all help a lot.



  1. you'll be fresh in a couple of weeks :) kiss kiss

  2. Thank you honey, I really hope I will.

  3. they're awesome designs - w

  4. Thank you Wallace. There will be more. Hope you will like them too.


Thank you so much, you know I appreciate every message.