Monday, December 27, 2010


If you are a graphic designer, art director, photographer, fashion designer, designer, blogger, writer and any other profession in witch you use a computer, you will love {I hope love, not hate} this post.
I really love a person's work space. I think a place like this tells a lot about a person, about what kind of a woman/ man he/ she is.
To make that place work for you, there are some things that you need to be very very close: the most important  component is the LAPTOP {or the computer, but I'm a laptop person, I don't leave the house without it, it's like an extension of my body, and I think that most of you are like me}, a notebook {in witch I doodle, write so many un-useful thing and from time to time useful :D}, a tone of pens, markers, post-its, a photo camera, a candle {for the mood} and some books {I read, and when I do it, I start 3 or 4 books at a time}, small pieces of paper with ideas {that's how I call it :D}, etc.

I just love love love this spaces. :D {give feedback please, love the comments :D}.

This post was inspired by Sweet Home Style


  1. Amazing! I could live in the first one for sure!

    maria ana

  2. the first one is so cute! great inspiration, thanks for posting.


  3. Everybody likes the first one, it's a really cute one.

  4. The third one looks like BOTH my sketching desk AND computer desk. Ohhh how I wish I could pause time and re do them to be a little more like Pic #1. My mom gave me some desk organizing things, I think she's giving me a hint. Lol.

    Love the pics. Great inspiration!

  5. I know it's hard, but don't stop tring, Falisha Ann. It took me three years to START to be near what I want my place to look. And it's a long way to go still.

  6. Your room looks like a dream. Very jellies.


  7. Thank you but it's not my room. This post was inspired by Sweet Home Style.

  8. Really nice pics...I love the pink laptop ;)...all the "artists" find order and inspiration in their sweet "chaos".



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