Thursday, December 16, 2010


For Christmas I go back home to my parents {happy happy joy joy}. Let me tell you a secret, I DON'T want to anywhere,  I want to stay at home and sleep, but this is because my BF wants to go to visit his mom and dad and I don't want to be alone, that would be even worse than going home. So... I'm going to visit my parents. In this visit, all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep some more, get together with my girl friend {if she will be in town}, with a dear dear friend and eat cooked food :D, and hopefully open gifts, that is if Santa wont forget about me.
But, because I can't be in my pajamas all the time {that makes me really really sad, I'm crying now because of it} I have to get dressed when I'm getting out of the house. Looking for ideas how to get dressed for Christmas I found something really cool/ nice/ sweet. I don't want be very elegant, I want to feel good and look good at the same time. I know that for the holidays people tend to get out the best outfits, but I really don't feel like overdoing it this year. I found Totokaelo and the combinations below.
What you think? Feedback please.


  1. I reallllllyyyyy like that 1st look!


  2. I like it too, that's why is the first one. I really think that would work perfect for dinner.

  3. Like all ... Love all!

  4. That's good. I hope it's inspiring.
    I'm going to wear something like in the first one for the dinner.

  5. Love the first one. I just got a jacket like that from H&M :) Looking forward to Christmas


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