Friday, January 21, 2011


{photo via WE HEART IT}

I started this week really nice :) On monday I got the STYLISH BLOG AWARD and on friday I got A STYLISH AWARD! This makes me really happy, so happy {and I need some happy in life right now, and this made me happy :)}.
I received this award from Mesa Privada. The rules of this award is to answer the 10 questions from her page and give this award to 10 blogs.  Since I had to give the  STYLISH BLOG AWARD to 15 blogs this award I will give to 10 other sweet looking blogs.


So here are the 10 questions and the 10 answers :).

1. Why did you create this BLOG?
In my line of work I have to surf the internet a lot, in search of inspiration. This way I found a lot of beautiful images, tons of ideas that inspired me. That's why I made this BLOG, because I wanted a place to post all the beautiful images that I saved on my computer. And I LOVE FASHION!

2. What types of blogs do yo follow?
Hmmm... Well,  I follow different types: fashion, art, illustration, design, interior design and so on and so on.

3. What's your favorite makeup brand?
I love BOURJOIS a lot; from SEPHORA I like the cleaning products and eye blush.

4. Favorite clothing brand.
If we are talking about window shopping I would say: VALENTINO, D&G, BETSEY JOHNSON, LACOSTE, ..., but if we talk about actually shopping I'm going to say: NEW YORKER, ZARA,  H&M, CARHARTT, C&A,...

5. What's your favorite color?
Always and forever after RED.

6. What makeup items you can't live without?
Nail polish. Being in a rush all the time, all that I put on my face, after cleaning it every 10 min at a time {joke} is face cream.

7. Your perfume. 
Right now PLAY for HER from Givenchy, and VERSUS from Versace.

8. Favorite movie.
... hmm ... Plup Fiction, The Devil Wears Prada, Tron 3D {I'm a geek}...

9. Which countries would you like to travel to?
I visited a lot of countries but I always wanted to visit Italy and UK. A lot :)

10. Best thing that happened to you? 
I can't pinpoint one best thing. If you thing about it life is full of good and bad, best and worst... Life's good or at least I really hope that.

Here are the 10 blogs that I will give this award to:
twin fashion by Nef 'n Naf
stripes and sequins by Grace
head2heels roxanne by Roxanne D'souza
Anita Darling by Anita Darling Ubhi
le petit Happy by Shelly Beauvais

The winners have to do this: COPY the PINK LOGO from my page, the 10 questions and award 10 blogs that you like. 


  1. Congratulations! *clap clap* :)

  2. Thank you soooo much tereza!!! i'm so happy !!
    i'll do this post asap!!!
    thank you again!!!

  3. thank u sweetie :)) flattered!
    nef and nat
    big kiss

  4. Congratulations!! Hope you win many more! :) The "chain" concept is perfect...!

    P.S. I have been in both London and Rome and you reallyyy should go there soon! They are both beautiful cities, in beautiful countries!

  5. You are more than welcomed Me's Bubble.

  6. Ok, may I say I hate you a little bit :D:D:D I want so much to see London and Rome :)

  7. thank you so much :)
    my 1st award!

  8. You are more than welcomed :)
    I hope you will receive many more.


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