Monday, January 17, 2011


{photo via WE HEART IT}

This was such a lovely surprise. On the 14th of January I received the SYLISH BLOGGER AWARD for my sweet friend and stylish blogger Anne that has the beautiful blog Wobi Sobi. Thank you so much for this award Anne!
I've seen the logo for  STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD but I had no idea what this was and I must say I'm really honored! I think this is such an incredible way of encouraging spreading the love around the world to other fellow bloggers 
Because I won this award I get to do something really cool:

So... here come my 7 things: 
* I received this award the day of our anniversary {me + my bf = 3 years}
* I'm a very resourceful artist {I studied Photographie and Contemporary Art for 6 years} but I'm not  sure about what I can do, so I loose so many things
* I never thought that the world of fashion/ art/ design blogging could be so amazing
* I love nail polish, I think that polish makes the hand really sexy
* I {with my bf} want to move to Barcelona {now we live in Romania and let me tell you IT SUCKS}
* I'm a sucker for puppies {I had four dogs}
* I'm daydreaming when I'm happy {now I'm happy}

And here are the blogs that I give the  STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD too  {it's in alphabetic order}:
A drop of indigo by Dora Cruceru
* kitsch by kat by Katrina Kirk
La Rizada by La Rizada
my fashion morning by Theo
O Blog da Lipa by Filipa Sousa
Oh!So Boo!!! by AthenouKa
pingos de tinta by Nicia Cruz
See Her Say by Laura Tjitradjaja
Stay In The Lines by Jaclyn 
Triple Max Tons by Kirsten 
Victoria no tiene Secretos by Victoria
Vogue Inspired Fashion for the Real World by Yvonne
Wild Young Hearts by MissK
 YOU KISS BY THE BOOK... by Michaela Tegg  

I really want you all to know that I was really hard to pick just 15 blogs, so please be happy for the ones that I choose. There are so many stylish blogs out there!
Thank you Anne, once again! This was really incredible! :)
So girls, all of you ladies, CONGRATULATION to you and now it's your turn to give  STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!


  1. Oh yeeeey :) Congrats!!! And thank youuuu . I would like to thank the academy... :P

  2. Wow, thank you so much! This is my first award. ^^

  3. Hello, thanks for the Stylish Blogger Award, you are very kind...I'm feeling really happy to know that you like my blog ;)Filipa

    Have a wonderful week !!

  4. You are welcomed Dora. And thank you again :)
    And you are so right, we never should forget about the academy :D

  5. Welcome Filipa. I really like your blog and I think that with this award we can make our self more publicity.

  6. thanks so much for the award!

  7. I got this award too :) YOu can see it in my posts. I have a fashionblog too, check it out and if you want we can follow eachother ;)
    XOXO Lidia

  8. thanks, tereza!! i so appreciate your support.


  9. You are welcomed. You deserve it Carrie.

  10. Thank you so much Tereza! This was such a nice surprise, you made my day :) I'm so excited.

    I loved your list of seven too.

  11. I'm really happy Jaclyn! Thank you co much.

  12. Lidia thank you for the visit. Congratulation for the award!
    I follow you :)

  13. HI! I have just find you blog, I really like it, it´s original!

    Now i´m following you.


  14. Hello, thank you so much for this :)

  15. hi tereza!!!! thanks for your award!!! i'm so happy! =D

  16. Hey Victoria! I'm really glad that I could make you happy.


Thank you so much, you know I appreciate every message.