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Hello lovely Drastic Plastic readers! Momographica's speaking. I am honored to reappear on these gorgeous pages once again. I've been asked by Tereza to share few words of my choice concerning something inspiring to share with you. I am feeling particularly inspired since my recent trip to magnificent London,where I had the time to visit few places thought my job schedule had been pretty tight (but I guess one always finds a bit of time to indulge in the beautiful things of life).

I felt genuinely reinvigorated from a couple of visits to the might Victoria and Albert museum and the gorgeous experience made me ponder if I should introduce at this time a honest discussion about the way Artists inspire my work because, really, art museums do have that effect on the soul.

Who is my favorite Artist? That's one million dollar question.
After years of History of Art I run into countless talented people, belonging to the different fields of the Arts and I tried to get my best from everyone of them. Because of this, one favorite artist for me is not enough. Of course I am not going to administer a never-ending list and since Drastic Plastic deals with the Fashion industry (and fashion lovers) I thought about introducing a few names of my favorite photographers that, more or less, cover this field. I hope this will turn out to be inspiring for the soul.

Place number 5 goes to Mariko Mori, a video artist and photographer from Japan that used to work as a fashion model back in the 80's. Her model career influenced her art works to the point she frequently appears in her videos and photographs as a representation of a personal utopia, impersonating characters such as cyborgs or goddesses in alien landscapes scenarios.

Place number 4 goes to Dianne Arbus,an American photographer whom life ended tragically in 1971. She was the first American photographer to have her works displayed at Venice's Biennale and was notorious for her black and white square photographs of dwarves, giants, circus performers and transvestite. Thought not strictly tied to the fashion industry,her works are strong and controversial and definitely worth of your attention.

Place number 3 goes to American photographer David LaChapelle, a icon of fashion photography who is noted for his unique surreal and humorous style. His works are really intricate,favoring majestic scenarios and massive dose of photo-retouching. He once worked with Andy Warhol.

Place number 2 is for  London-based Tim Walker, class 1970, a British fashion photographer that have appeared in Vogue, month by month, for over a decade and had been assistant to Richard Avedon. Walker's works are, in a simple word, fun. He plays with his scenographic scenarios,transforming them into a more or less dramatic fairy tale.  Even if I am consigning him to a virtual second place (the first name is such a great one that can't be anything but first) he is definitely my favorite fashion photographer of all times and his works are source of great inspiration for me. He is also very recommend to Tim Burton fans (check out his style and you will know why!).

Place number 1 goes to ... Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton, a British Fashion Photographer with a long career with Vogue and Vanity Fair and multi-skilled artist in several fields, including costume design and painting. He was very famous for his glamourous portraits of fashion and celebrities and often photographed the English Royal Family for official publications and he is considered one of the best Worldwide fashion and portraits photographers of all times.

I bet you all have a personal photographer of yours in your favorite fashion magazine.What about sharing him or her with us? Have a glamorous week, folks!

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  1. these pictures are quite strange and actually first one almost scared me...but I love the Tim Walker one, really beautiful!


  2. Diane Arbus and Cecil Beaton are my favourites from this list. I also would add Irving Penn. :)

  3. Great post, great pictures and great talents!!! Thank u for this!!!
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  4. That last photograph is intriguing.

  5. beautiful pics!
    I wait u tomorrow for a fabolous GIVEAWAY! >3

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  6. Last 2 pictures would be my favorite...

  7. Love the first artist but some many good artist!

    good post!

    @the3rt on twitter

  8. I like first and fifth pictures.
    One of my favourite photographer is Helmut Newton, I love also Irvin Penn, Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Ellen von Unwerth, Tim Walker...

  9. @NíciaIrving Penn indeed! I wanted to keep the list short but really I would have added other hundreds of talented photographers!

    Check out also the works of Zemotion (Deviant Art artist she is and more), she is an Asian fashion photographer of incredible talent!


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post - thanks for sharing.

  11. I absolutely love this post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Wow!!
    Amazing pics, I love fashion photography!


  13. wowwwww, i love it.

  14. Wow these photos are amazing! So vibrant and unique!


  15. Amazing!!! Great roundup! PS - Happy blogiversarry!

  16. Really fun and awesome post!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  17. Amazing post!! Everything is just interesting and gorgeous,


  18. I am very thankful to everyone who left a comment! I should be around for next months too, if you feel like suggesting some creative topics you would like to discuss next, I am open to suggestions!


  19. for me the pics are bizarre, but i like bizarre atmosphere

  20. This post has been a great read! I currently study photography and always love to read posts about other peoples favorite photographers, great for being inspired!


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