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Momographica is here again with sparkling greetings and what I am looking forward to be interesting news.

Firstly, let me confess I was going crazy about this guest post. Tereza and I discussed varied arguments to introduce because, you know the time before Christmas is special. But the situation was turning harsh because, honestly, I didn't know where to look for something unique this time. I was ready to drop everything and run to Hawaii. Even the best of us are inspiration-deprived sometimes, aren't they?

Then my good friend Sonia, a talented illustrator that works occasionally as a model in photo sets, told me about this recent, gorgeous experience she had working as a model for a fashion exhibition; we thought this could be something truly interesting to share with you all. Are you happy? No? Let me know with a comment.

Sonia modeled for Italian fashion designer Alejandro Golpe of Golpe! Pop-up Shop, a Bologna-based atelier that takes out of the hat a collection of very unique design that look like sculptures. The exhibition named ROBORAMA is pictured on Betty Books, which hosts a comprehensive gallery of interesting photographs from the fashion show, including some backstage shoots for curious people. Also photographer Luca D'arco was so kind to send out a few exhibition pictures to share with you all. Have fun and (anticipated) Merry Christmas to all!

Momographica: Thank you very much for accepting this interview. We know you modeled for Roborama. Was it your first time modeling? What about sharing your story with us?
Sonia: This was the very first time for me as a model, I usually work for photo shooting so I'm not very friendly with cat walking and so on. I accepted because Golpe is a friend of mine and a very talented designer, he just e-mail-ed me and said "I think you have to participate in my Fall/Winter fashion show!" and I just replied "Of course!". I had a great time, really. All the guys and girls in the backstage were amazing, so kind and friendly. I have to say that I spent an afternoon walking on the runway on my boots, especially because there were stairs, and my first thought about it was "My God I know I'll fall down, I know it!".
The fashion show took place in a small but interesting Art Gallery called Ono. Guests were accommodated near the runway. I felt like walking through the crowds of the city and this made me feel a little bit confident. This had been a very great experience and if I could, I would do it again and again!

M: I had hints of the clothes you wear and they were absolutely gorgeous. How were chosen for you to wear?
S: I met with Golpe at his atelier and he showed me the first dress which was called Lady Rame (the second I wear in the show). It was love at first sight! I'm a fan of jackets and coats and this one was adorable!Later we had a little problem with Golpe's second choice, the skirt was perfect but the upper part looked weird on me, so he changed his mind and chose the Aviator, my favorite of the collection! I was so happy!

M: Can you tell us a bit about the work behind the scenes?
S: The two fastest worldwide make up and hair stylists worked for Golpe at the show. May I borrow those guys? I arrived at the gallery an hour before the show and in five minutes my hair was perfectly fixed. I looked like Miss Lemon from Hercule Poirot tv series, gentry and aristocratic. The make up was simple but incisive.
I had a weird but comfortable feeling when Golpe and the other guys helped me dressing. I felt like a princess! The photographer was a shadow in the crowd, but I have a good relationship with photographers and he had been really discreet.

M: Golpe is a terrific fashion designer, not someone you run into everyday. How did you meet him? Can you tell a bit about his creations and what you think of them?
S: Golpe and I were classmates (desk mates, if we want to say it) at school and we spent a lot of time together. It sounds so nostalgic! I had a lot of great memories from that time ...now I am feeling a little old! Golpe's style is something interesting, I think he' not only a fashion designer but also a sculptor, he emphasizes the volumes,the lines and that's something I find really interesting.
His latest collection remark this concept a lot.

M: Are you feeling like leaving a message to Drastic Plastic readers before say good bye?
S: Being a model for one day can be the most amazing and fun experience of your life, so if you have the opportunity, don't let it go! Also, please take a look at Golpe's works, maybe you can find something perfect for you! Thanks for this interview...and beware of the stairs!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post.

xoxo tereza


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