Monday, February 6, 2012


The interview of this month is dedicated to a young designer from a small town near Philadelphia … and her name is Naimah. She is a really funny girl and I hope you will enjoy our talk. 

Drastic Plastic: Hello Naimah and welcome to Drastic Plastic. What’s up? 
Naimah: Hey Tereza, thanks for having me. I'm working on a few sketches for upcoming designs.
DP: D.Mae, the name of your company, I know where it comes from, but please, can you share it with my readers?
N: I named my company after my biggest cheerleader my MomMom Dora Mae Holmes.

DP: You design tees, what was the first design you ever did? And why tees and not tote bags?
N: The first design was in pencil, a cap-sleeved tee, I drew a collage onto ,and wore to a Dashboard Confessional show. I do actually have a few totes listed in the store now. Tees just seemed at first the easier way to go and gives me a greater space to work with. Although I am loving working in canvas, the texture can be a challenge.
DP: Day jobs, we all have one, unfortunately, what’s yours? 
N: I work in medical transportaion during the day, I also write for High Voltage Magazine an online, and sesonal print music magazine that covers live shows, reviews, and concert photography.

DP: Places and people inspired us, tell me about some of yours. 
N: The combination of the two is important to me, I get inspired being around my creative friends no matter where we are. They all have there fingers in something creative: art, ceramics, writing, photography, music, we're a lively bunch. They inspire me to keep doing what I love. I really. Adore the work of Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano, Betsey Johnson, and Marc Jacobs in terms of design.

DP: I know you have some free time, I know you do, what do you do then? 
N: There's been alot of time spent listening to various Pandora stations ( Steel Train, William Fitsimmons, Robyn, Glee, Ryan Adams, The Fray, Snow Patrol, and The Script) reading Deepak Chopra, and being with family. 
DP: It was so much fun having you here Naimah, thank you so much.
N: Thank you too Tereza. 

For more info and ideas please visit Naimah’s blog and her shop, she is worth it.
by Tereza


  1. Great interview!!! I love her tees!!!!!

  2. Totally nice and talented!
    xoxo Sabrina

  3. Ooooo it's really cool! I like her designs, what a talented little designer! She should hook up with Marc by Marc Jacobs - could totally design tees for them! Great interview love xx

  4. A lovely interview - her tees are so pretty. And I`m glad she now does bags as well)


  5. Thank you ask so much fort your kind words, please feel free too keep in touch via my site,, and twitter. I'd love to hear from you!
    ~ Naimah

  6. Tereza, this was really nice.

  7. I think it's so cute! the name of her brand, her feeling about her mum.. and is a good designer!

    great job and great interview

    have a nice week

  8. I really liked reading this interview!
    Her designs are just amazing!

  9. Cool of you to interview her, she seems like an interesting, well-rounded person!

  10. I really like the interview!
    Lovely tees!

  11. Great interview, nice shirts!


  12. Great interview, shirts are 5stars :)

    Kisses Alexandra


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