Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today's post is bought to you by the sweet Barbara from Momographica, and she want's to talk to you about photography and about styles. Really interesting and really true, enjoy!


Word of the day: photography.
Now comes a simple yet insidious question: what is your photography niche?
I recently joined into an argument concerning female photographers and what they like to shoot. I know a quite large bunch of talented women photographers who love to shoot fashion, still life (especially food or flowers) and children. On the other side I know very few female photographers who are keen to be interested in architecture or reportage.
I am trying to make a point here and involve your creative soul in this survey because I am very interested in what us women photographers like to be inspired by.
As for myself: I am Barbara, I am  interested and inspired by food and still life photography. I also like fashion artistic photography. I am a Nikon user. I am currently inspired by Style Me Pretty, a gorgeous blog about bridal inspirations.
What about you?
What is your photography niche?
Could you name a recent blog/book/place where you are comfortable to find inspiration for your photo works?
What type of camera do you use?

photos via style me pretty


Me, I studied photography for 6 years, so this doesn't apply to me, but I agree with Barbara on this.
by Tereza


  1. What a great question!

    I photograph small, mundane things like a fortune on a scrap from a cookie, or a license plate that reads something interesting or a particularly cozy-looking mug of coffee in my own kitchen. I love to snap nonglamorous daily life.

  2. To be honest, I've never actually thought of this. I just started getting into photography since I started my fashion blog, so I guess as of right now, I do a lot of self portraits and everyday still life photos.

  3. Wow, great question! Hmmm. I generally like to snap things that have a nice color scheme. Sometimes it's food, sometimes it's fashion, many times it's still life. I like taking pictures of quotes I find while reading a book or flipping through a magazine as well. Anything that inspires me, I shoot. I also use a Nikon. It's nice to see another Nikon user in a world full of Canon :)

  4. See i Have a 'dark' and a 'light' side. The dark side explores things like gritty concrete graffitied walls, derelict buildings, you know things that aren't considered pretty. The light side takes the pictures you say us females tend to photograph: - Kids (mine) flowers, pretty places & faces, scenery - that kinda thing. I love both - but my 'gritty' work is very much like art :)
    Interesting post - I like it :)

  5. Hm now here is a material for me to think about!!! Beautiful pictures!!

  6. awesome photos, everything looks pretty <3


  7. I gave you an award ;)

  8. Well I dont know Im not very good I suppose but I like your blog,im folower

  9. Definitely Fashion Fashion Fashion !!!

    Very good post !

  10. i like to photograph people/vehicles when we go on trips but i also like to photograph buildings, dings and places, so just life in general i suppose. I bought a Nikon dning, slr last year so am still learning, and mostly i forget to take the photos and/or even take my camera so i feel a bit of a failure!!

  11. I like to photograph advertising! ^^

  12. i love fashion photography and portraits :) and i used to photograph with a Nikon d70 :)

  13. I like to photograph little things from my daily routine, such as my breakfast, the book I'm reading and things like that. I'm a Canon user and I wanna get better and better even tho I studied photography for a year! I'm very inspire by the photos that Carrie from posts in her blog!

  14. I like to take photos of places, monuments and street food. I'm not good at taking photos of people as my husband is, but then again he studied photography! x

  15. I love portaiture. I always love capturing peoples emotions whether its for fashion photography or just having fun.


  16. I started photographing in a more professional way when I recieved a reflex camera! I started photographing all items I love such as sunsets, my friends' faces and eyes and of course fashion details. My favourite subject are people emotive portraits.

  17. I honestly have no background in photography but I love getting inspiration from other blogs

  18. Hello there dearest Tereza! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me! I'm really sorry for not being able to check your posts recently, I've been really busy as you already know!
    This is an awesome post! I love the article and shoots are great! I use a Canon (for more check here ) I like every inspiring picture, for me is really important to be inspiring and I love inspiring shoots, black and white, small or big, light or dark, it doesn't matter, it matters to have that special thing to make it unique and inspiring!
    I'm a good photographer I guess, but my sisters are the best! They are studying in school photography and that's just awesome! I prefer being their model and I think I'm pretty good at it!
    Here I have an inspiring post! Thanks for that love :D
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    Hope to hear again from you!

    Hope you're having a great evening!

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  19. What a awesome post! And some really nice shots! xxx

  20. haha, nice post !
    I'm actually an urban planner/ architect, so I love to capture the signs of human and nature, but that doesn't mean I'm not keen on fashion photography, and still life images....

    Take a look on my photography/diary:


    New post up on:

  21. I like being photographed than be behind the lens. Haha! Yeah, vain, vain, vain. XD

  22. Nice post :)
    Love the photos.

    xo Emma

  23. Such a great post :) I'm very into vintage photography right now

  24. wow! great post! I definitely love fashion photography as well as still life.
    Ginger and Lace

  25. I'm not a photographer myself but love to just snap random photos so this post was very interesting to me.

    <3 Marina

  26. I love taking photos of people and I'm a Nikon user too! :)

  27. Love the first picture you chose!! I'm planning my sister's baby shower and cannot wait to show my readers what I have come up with! :)
    I like romantic/vintage wedding photogrpahy


  28. That's a cool question!! I'm not so much into photography though.


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