Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Not that I would ever wear something like this, but I'm so into this new collection from ACNE. So bold, so crazy, so me, but at the same time so not me, not one bit. From time to time I manage to amaze even myself with my choice in clothes hahaha; I'm a mystery like that, the good thing is I never get bored. Even though I would never wear anything from this collection, I wouldn't mind having a pair of the boots from this collection.
by Tereza


  1. Mi piace il completo penultima foto a destra. Kiss

  2. I absolutely love this collection but you're right in saying that it's a difficult one to take off the runway...
    I think I'd try to wear one of the first silk dresses, and the second last black dress could be worn and accessorised nicely!


  3. I like the boots in first pic!


  4. This show looks awkwardly awesome, IDK I like the asymmetrical over sized less with awesome prints and fabric. But wearing this to work.....ehhh I wouldn't exactly want to hold half my skirt all day...


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